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900W Studio Photography Continuous Photo Light Kit! Light Stand+Softbox+Unbrella

900W Studio Photography Continuous Photo Light Kit! Light Stand+Softbox+Unbrella

900W Studio Photography Continuous Photo Light Kit! Light Stand+Softbox+Unbrella    900W Studio Photography Continuous Photo Light Kit! Light Stand+Softbox+Unbrella
Andoer MD-300 900W (300W 3) Studio Strobe Flash Light Kit. Andoer MD-300 300W Studio Strobe Flash(Black) 3.

Controlled by the microcomputer chip, add the red eye reduction function. 300W studio strobe, 50W modeling lamp. Recycle time: 0.5-1s, color temperature: 5500K(±200K), guide number: 58m. Support 1.0-6.0 stepless adjustment, LCD shows the power.

Supports M and S2 mode slave flash. Equipped with test and buzz function. The strobe is triggered by sync cord or optical trigger.

Compact aluminum housing with powerful heat-removal system. The light stand is made of aluminum alloy and has a three stage adjustable shaft and rubber feet, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work. Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use.

This light stand has a maximum height of 200cm. Its folded height is only 70cm. With 1/4" screw, can connect LED light with 1/4" screw holes.

Supports all major photo equipment including softboxes, studio lights, umbrellas, backgrounds and more. 50 70cm softbox with S-type mount, suitable for shooting still-life and portrait photography. Made of high-grade grain fabrics, comes with a piece of soft cloth, can make the light softer.

Premium White Soft Light Umbrella 1. Made of high quality nylon and metal construction. Works well to diffuse the light from any flash light or constant light. It can produce neutral color temperature. Lightweight and easy to set up, reflect and spread light stream evenly.

32in(80cm) width when opened; Shaft diameter: 0.31in(0.8cm). Premium Umbrella Reflector (black external surface, silver internal surface) 1. Made of high quality nylon reflective material and metal construction. Black external surface and silver internal surface make the light more gentle, make less shadows.

Create the idealest light source for your portrait and still-life photography. Prevent shooting portraits from being affected by hard light. Barn Door Kit with 4 Gel Filters 1.

This barn door kit with 4 gel filters (red/green/blue/yellow color) and a 60° honeycomb grid is a necessary accessory for your studio photography. It can provide you better light-gathering effect, and give you great direction and effect control over the light output. 4 gel filters can alter the color of the light output from your flash, creating different color effects for photography of different styles. The flash trigger includes one transmitter, one receiver and one 6.35mm-3.5mm plug adaptor. Multi-channel(8 channels) work, no interference. Low energy consumption, can successively trigger for 10,000 times. Has the feature of nonpolar triggering and low voltage triggering, without damaging your camera. The receiver can achieve long-distance and omni-directional receiving. Comes with a large nylon carrying bag for storing all the above things. Specifications: Brand: Andoer Model: MD-300 Plug. Output Power: 300WS Modeling Lamp: 50W Guide Number: GN58m Flash Power Control: Stepless Recycle Time: 0.5-1s Flash Duration: 1/1000S-1/2000S Color Temperature: 5500±200K Fuse: 10A Package Size: 77.5 29 28cm / 30.5 11.4 11in Package Weight: 11700g / 413oz Package List: 3 Andoer MD-300 300W Studio Strobe Flash 3 2m Light Stand 2 50cm 70cm Softbox w/ S-type Mount 1 White Soft Light Umbrella 1 Umbrella Reflector (black & silver surface) 1 Barn Door 4 Gel Filter 1 Honeycomb 1 Trigger Kit 1 Carrying Bag 1 Power Adapter.

33 Premium White Soft Light Umbrella 2. 33in(85cm) width when opened; Shaft diameter: 0.31in(0.8cm). 5070cm Softbox with Bulb Holder 2.

50 70cm softbox with bulb holder which is easy to dismount. The softboxs come with foldable cube frame, convenient for storage. 45W Energy-saving Light Bulb 4. 5500K color temperature, provide bright environment for taking product photos. Compact and easy to set up.

Its socket fits most standard photo fixtures. 18 5.8cm / 7.1 2.3in(L D). Designed to work with all screw lights.

Built-in umbrella holder, perfect for holding you soft light umbrella. It can be mounted on any standard light stand. Easy to adjust for different shooting angles. The long cords help you move them freely to position it for best lighting effects. 2m×3m Backdrop Stand Set 1. The backdrop stand with solid three legs are made of high quality aluminum alloy. The stands use quick locks, providing fast height adjustment. The maximum height of the stand can reach up to 200cm.

Folded height is only 68cm. The crossbar consists of 4 separate sticks, making it simple to adjust the width. 2m / 6.6ft Max. Crossbar Width: Approx3m / 9.8ftMax. 2m/6.6ft Light Stand 4.

This light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy, very durable. With 3-section design, its working height is adjustable from 75cm to 200cm. Folded height: 665mm; Tube diameter: 25mm / 22mm / 19mm. It can give exceptional strength for heavy duty work, ensuring the safety of your lighting equipment when in use. The light stand support all major photography equipment, such as studio light, lamp holder, light bulb, umbrella, etc.

1.5m×3m Non-woven Backdrop 3. 1.5 3M black, white and green non-woven backdrops. Large enough for most photographic occasions, great for studio and portrait shooting.

Made from durable 100% non-woven fabrics, which is a good alternative product for professional background cloth. 100% non-woven fabrics to absorb the light and help eliminate reflection.

Completely seamless; made from one pieces of material. It could be as a replacement for Muslin cotton backdrop. Comes with 3pcs fish-like mount clips, 5pcs backdrop retaining clips and 1pc durable nylon carrying bag. Specifications: Brand: Andoer Package Size: 81 40 21cm / 31.9 15.8 8.3in Package Weight: 11.5kg / 25.4lbs Package List: 2 33 White Soft Light Umbrella 2 50cm×70cm Softbox with Bulb Holder 4 45W Light Bulb 2 Swivel Socket. 1 2m×3m Backdrop Stand Set 4 2M Light Stand 3 1.5m×3m Non-woven Backdrop 3 Fish-like Mount Clip 5 Backdrop Retaining Clip 1 Nylon Carrying Bag.

Andoer 540W Studio kit 12 45W bulbs, 3 4in1 bulb socket, 3 softbox, 3 light stand 1 storage bag. Features: 12 45W light bulbs to provide super bright illumination and standard 5500K color temperature. 50 70cm softbox high reflective, durable metal frame.

4in1 bulb socket with 2 switches, each switch is used to control two light bulbs, easy to operate and control. Durable metal light stand, can extend to 2m, you can adjust the height according to your needs. Comes with one storage bag, easy to carry around. Widely used for portrait or product photography. Specifications: -Bulb Watts: 45W Light Color: White Color Temperature: 5500K Voltage: 100-140V -4in1 Bulb Socket Plug Type: US Plug Fuse: 3A -Softbox Color: Black & Silver Size: 50 70cm / 19.7 27.6in -Light Stand Material: Metal Folded Length: 67cm / 26.4in Max.

Height: 200cm / 78.7in Package Size: 76 30.5 26.5cm / 29.9 12.0 10.4in Package Weight: 8.7kg / 19.2Lbs Package List: 12 Light Bulb 3 Bulb Socket 3 Fuse 3 Softbox 3 Light Stand 1 Carrying Bag. 90W Photo Studio Lighting Kit Set 2Pcs 2 Meters 6.6Ft Light Stand + 2Pcs 33 Inch White Soft Light Umbrella + 2Pcs 45W Light Bulb +2Pcs Swivel Light Socket. Premium White Soft Light Umbrella 2.

45W Energy-saving Light Bulb 2. Designed to work with all screw light. 2m/6.6ft Light Stand 2.

Specifications: Package Size: 72 19 18cm / 28.4 7.5 7.1in Package Weight: 3342g / 117.9oz Package List: 2 White Umbrella 2 45W Bulb 2 Swivel Socket 2 2m/6.6ft Light Stand Note. Ensure the compatibility between the item and your home. Power system in terms of voltage and power plug. The item "900W Studio Photography Continuous Photo Light Kit!

Light Stand+Softbox+Unbrella" is in sale since Tuesday, September 1, 2020. This item is in the category "Cameras & Photo\Lighting & Studio\Continuous Lighting\Lighting Kits". The seller is "flueonsky" and is located in Dayton, New Jersey. This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Light Color: neutral
  • Flash Power Control: Stepless
  • Softbox/Diffuser Shape: S-type mount
  • Number of Flash Units: 3
  • Power Source: AC-Powered
  • Flash Head Trigger: Wireless Radio Trigger
  • MPN: Does not Apply
  • Mount Type: Mounting Plate
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Voltage: 100-120V
  • Compatible Series: Universal
  • Softbox/Diffuser Size: 50 * 70cm
  • Light Type: LED
  • Features: Professional
  • Compatible Brand: all camera flash
  • Fuse: 10A
  • Output Power: 300WS
  • Color Temperature: 5500±200K
  • Color: Black
  • Light Bulb & Tube Fitting: None
  • Number of Flash Heads/Units: 3
  • Guide Number: GN58m
  • Range: 40-59 m
  • Modeling Lamp: 50W
  • Brand: Andoer
  • LED/Bulb Count: 3
  • Series: Studio Strobe Flash Light Kit
  • Type: Flash Photography Kit
  • Model: MD-300
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Flash Duration: 1/1000S-1/2000S
  • Power: 300WS

900W Studio Photography Continuous Photo Light Kit! Light Stand+Softbox+Unbrella    900W Studio Photography Continuous Photo Light Kit! Light Stand+Softbox+Unbrella