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Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio

Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio
Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio
Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio
Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio
Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio

Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio    Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio

This is a complete desktop photo studio. We are downsizing and no longer need it. It works perfectly and is in good shape. I have to call out one thing, we took the side door off it because we never had need to use the top port for shooting down on an object.

We have the door and it can easy be reattached with a few small bolts. The unit shows signs of use but again, it is complete and we're offering it. Below what we bought it for. PLEASE NOTE: This unit is heavy. Photosimile 200 photo booth and the.

PhotoCapture 360 computer controlled turntable. The Ortery Photosimile 200 Computer-Controlled Product Photo Lighting Kit makes taking professional photos simple and efficient. All in One Solution that gives you creative control, generates professional results, speeds up your photography workflow and provides years of savings. Photosimile 200 offers profiling and batch processing capabilities to streamline image editing and saving.

In addition, Large Live Preview, AfterImage, Multiple Camera Control and Auto PNG are just a few of the other computer based features that speed up the workflow. Through integration, everything needed to create a professional image is included in one program. In addition, the software manages and automates each step of the creation process making product photography simple and fast.

It easily creates 100's of publication-ready still shots per day. In addition to JPG and RAW output, Photosimile 200 is also capable of creating PNG images.

This method involves automatically stripping the background off and generating a PNG image with a transparent background. PhotoCapture 360 makes creating 360 degree product views fast and simple. Whether you want to create professional still shots, 360 videos or interactive 360 product views in GIF or HTML5, this 360 degree product photography turntable can do it all.

Simply place an object on the turntable, preview, then begin the capture process with a compatible camera. Synchronized picture taking and turntable movement accelerate image capture. In addition, your favorite camera, turntable, stitching and saving settings can be memorized to automate the creation of future 360 product views.

Creating 360 product views is faster than you think! Ortery's Photosimile 200 combines hardware and software into a streamlined product photography "studio". Photosimile 200 allows you to capture web- and print-ready professional images fast and efficiently.

Place up to 20 x 20 x 20 products inside and they'll be uniformly lit up by an integrated 6500K daylight lighting system. The Photosimile software controls the entire workflow. Working together with the Photosimile 200 and your camera, the software allows you to see a live preview, compose the image prior to capture, remotely control the camera and snap photos, and save and transfer images.

Photosimile 200 features an aluminum build and has front and side doors, as well as a door on top with USB and power connections to assist top and side shot camera positioning. You can shoot either through the front door using a tripod (included) or from the top down via a special camera housing area on top. Photosimile 200 is compatible with select Canon and Nikon cameras (see full list below), and the Photosimile software works with both Mac and Windows systems. Some cameras are limited to working with the Photosimile software on specific operating systems (more info below). How does the process work?

Then compose the live view image using zoom, crop, rotate, and camera settings in the software. Once you've got the image you want, press Snap in the software and the camera will capture web and print-ready product shots in RAW, JPG, TIFF, or PNG format in your choice of pure white or transparent backgrounds.

Photos are automatically downloaded to the computer via USB for viewing, editing, and saving. You can also incorporate Ortery's PhotoCapture 360 turntable into the Photosimile 50 and capture 360° image compositions with the added benefit of an enclosed lighting system. The Photosimile 50 also supports 3rd-party remote desktop access software, such as Splashtop, that mimic the UI of the desktop software on a tablet, enabling you to stand right next to the Photosimile 50 when you snap photos. These apps can be downloaded at the App Store and Google Play. Software-controlled product photography studio (24 x 24 x 28).

Shoot up to 20 x 20 x 20 objects. Uniform 6500K daylight illumination from each corner for consistent and accurate color. Built-in backlight panel with 4 lights. Separate light control from the software (front, rear, and backlight).

Top and side shot capabilities. Easy product placement via side door.

Aluminum build with 15,000 hour lamp life. USB and power connections in camera housing area on top to assist top and side shot camera positioning. Built-in power and USB ports inside the studio for turntable or other accessories.

Fabric door cover keeps contaminate light out when taking side shots. Product stand, tripod, and white side shot background included. No specific weight limit if you place your product on the floor of the studio, but approximately 35 lb capacity when you use the acrylic stand.

Single software (Mac/Win) controls the entire workflow, from capture to publishing. Create side shots with pure white or transparent backgrounds. Adjust camera settings and compose the image on your monitor screen. Take a picture with the hit of a key and it appears immediately on the monitor screen for batch editing, processing, and saving.

Save and re-use optimized camera settings. Output RAW, JPG, TIFF, and PNG files.

Full camera control via software for compatible cameras (see list below). Use shutter release cable for non-compatible cameras. Advanced batch editing (levels, brightness, contrast, hue, and more).

Create and edit product shots in PNG format with transparent backgrounds (Windows only). AfterImage feature uses a ghost image to ensure proper product placement and consistency. Multiple camera control (Windows only) allows taking pictures with multiple Canon DSLRs connected to the system. Highlight alert and watermarking (Windows only), and histogram. Automatically FTP images when saving (Windows only).

Use real-time preview to pre-crop before image capture. Program Link (Windows only) - send images directly to Photoshop, Lightroom, or other 3rd-party image editing applications. HTML5 still shot magnifier (Windows only).

Software based focus control - auto, manual, and fixed. Direct image export (Windows only). Automatically create 360° product shots with the PhotoCapture 360 Turntable from Ortery. Consisting of a motorized turntable with 11.4" and 15.7" platforms and Ortery Capture product photography software, PhotoCapture 360 provides a fast, accurate, and simple workflow for capturing 360° product views.

One software program does it all, from camera control to transferring the final 360° animation to your website. PhotoCapture 360 has a capacity of 25 lb and works in conjunction with compatible Canon or Nikon SLR cameras to automate still, video, and 360° image capture. The software synchronizes picture taking with turntable movement to capture video or up to 720 images per rotation. With PhotoCapture 360, you can instantly create video and interactive 360° product views in MOV, MP4, HTML5, and GIF formats or export individual frames in JPG, TIFF, PNG, or raw format.

Software-controlled photographyadjust camera and turntable settings via USB. Automated image capture, processing, editing, and saving. 11.4" and 15.7" shooting platforms. Save and reuse optimized camera, turntable, animation, and saving settings to increase efficiency. Raw, JPG, TIFF, and PNG output for still shots. TML5, MP4, MOV, and GIF output for 360° product views. Advanced batch image editingincludes editing tools such as Levels, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Auto White Balance, Hue, and Color Selector. AfterImageoverlay previous images on the preview to ensure consistency. Set up and control multiple compatible cameras. Automatically FTP images while saving.

Pre-croppinguse real-time preview to crop before image capture. Send images directly to PhotShop, Lightroom, and other third-party image-editing applications. Precise rotation to any angle.

Turntable stops at each angle ensure image clarity. Black and white turntable covers included. Center screw for placing objects dead center and for adding separately available larger platforms and product stands. Edge rollers for platform stabilization and even weight distribution.

Built-in 3.5mm jack for triggering remote shutter release (for non-compatible camera use). Simple to useno previous experience required. The item "Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio" is in sale since Friday, June 7, 2019.

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  • Model: Photosimile 200
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Taiwan
  • Type: Photography Light Box
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  • Brand: Ortery

Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio    Ortery Photosimile 200 Photo Booth PhotoCapture 360 Turntable 3D Desktop Studio